Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brian's IronDiary

As I am sure you are all aware the Ford Ironman World Championship is right around the corner... over in beautiful Kona, Hawaii. (Oct. 10, 2009)

This year my good friend Brian Cowie is competing in the PC (Physically Challenged) division. You may remember that Brian and I rode 330km in one day last year during STP (Seattle to Portland).

Some interesting facts:

- Brian and Devon (his pilot) may challenge for the day's fastest bike split... on the tandem they should be able to keep pace with the best of them. They regularly average 40-44 km/h on courses like the one in Kona... (look out Normann...)

- Last I heard Brian was going to swim without a guide - his theory is that he will be mid-pack and just follow everyone else (he can see enough to swim in a pack...) So the next time your goggles fog up don't be such a baby - imagine if it was ALWAYS like that...

- Brian has 10 Ironman finishes to his name, 2 Kona finishes as an able-bodied athlete in the early 90s, 3 paralympics (Sydney, Athens, Beijing), has attended numerous World Championships in Triathlon and Cycling and is currently ranked #1 by the UCI on the track (cycling).
Devon (left) and Brian (right) at the Paralympics in Beijing

Last week I helped Brian set up a blog, so that he could keep a race diary. He has just started posting from Kona...

If you feel like checking it out and wishing him luck go HERE.


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Missy said...

What a stud...once again, thanks for making feel like a huge baby;)

Marlene said...

Hey what a nice post!
Brian sent the link to me today. He was so happy about it. What a great friend you are. You are so good to him. Thank you for all of your support! He REALLY is grateful to you for all you have done.I like the blog you set up for him. We owe you. You and Sasha must come for Italiano food soon Ciao bello amico :) Marlene (Brian's wife)