Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hornby Island - Setting Sail

These nice shots of Hornby by David Greenwell.

Tomorrow we leave for Hornby Island.* My van is sitting in the driveway loaded down with 5 bikes:

- My TT
- My Mountain Bike
- Sacha's
- Mattias'
- Aia's

There are few things I enjoy more than a roadtrip - and the more bikes involved the better.

Hornby Helmets from last year....

This post is really just to warn y'all that you won't be hearing much from me unless it rains AND our house on Hornby has internet. (The chances of both of those things occurring is 0.00001% - mostly because of the internet.)

This is a great opportunity to mention that you should all be on TWITTER. You can check out my profile HERE. Sign up, it's fun... and that way you'll be able to follow my adventures on Hornby - because all you need for twitter is a cell phone and a bar or two of service.

I have a little over two weeks before Nationals in Kelowna (triathlon)... therefore I have drawn up a plan for all sorts of training while I am away. It will take a lot of discipline and I know I won't be able to nail 100% of the workouts but it's good to have goals.

I also get my new foot on Tuesday... so I'll be taking a day pass off the island for that. I have much more to write about that but I have to pack some more and get a little sleep.

*Note: Yes, we are leaving but we have a house sitter equipped with his very own (guard) dog. Don't get any burglary ideas!
Does anyone else worry about these things?

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Missy said...

#1 Goal - have fun with family
Everything else is secondary. Have a blast. Love the helmet pic!

Jo Lynn said...

Yippee, a new foot! ;)

Have a marvelous time with the family. ;)

rUntoNamAste said...

Lovely pics! Enjoy your time away with your family.

My success rate with consistently tweeting - or logging in to twitter for that matter- is a big fat zero, but I'll give it another shot by following your tweets.