Friday, August 28, 2009

Ironman Canada 2009 - Good Luck Wishes

I have never had as many friends doing Ironman Canada as I do this year...  there are so many that I am nervous about listing the names because I am certain I will forget one or two of them!

James Greenwood
Caroline Greenwood
Oscar Brain
Mark Shorter
Ian Giroday
Doug Giles
Karen Birkenhead
Stephanie Corker-Irwin
Susie Nieder
Shannon Back
Scott Rintoul
Jeremy Hopwood
Michelle Valancius
Molly Evanshen
Joyce Langridge
Bill Weymark
Ryan Weymark
Chris Cumming

May you all swim like Michael, ride like Lance and run like Haile.  (If you did, I have calculated the resulting time could be as low as 6:14:19...  which would be pretty rad.)


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Ryan Denner said...

sounds like someone might be spending a lot of time on today!