Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time to "Get Serious"

On the horizon:

- Hallows Eve Trail Run
- Another 1/2 where I will be better trained and hope to go a bit faster... maybe Seattle?

So far so good on the increased running... No sign of the issues that plagued me most of the summer.

Nevertheless, I am being pretty cautious - doing a fair amount of trail and treadmill to limit the hard pounding on my legs - I think it's over cautious but what the heck...

Anyway, I was reading Chuckie V's blog (as I have for years it seems)... a post on training manuals... He writes:

3) The Lore of Running by Dr. Tim Noakes. Not much to say here. If you don't own this, you're not really serious about your training.

OK then. Definitive. No wiggle room on that....

Does anyone have a copy? I'd trade for a copy of one of the books in my library - (see right column). And we can always trade back after...

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1 comment:

runninggunner said...

A) Chuckie V is the man
B)Seattle 1/2 would be cool, me and 3 buddies from the lower mainland are going