Saturday, September 12, 2009

Innovative Fitness Canuck Place Adventure Race

I spent the morning down in Deep Cove with Mattias, Aia and Viggo watching the Innovative Fitness Canuck Place Adventure Challenge.

As usual, it was an astounding success - some numbers:

- Over $280,000 raised for Canuck Place (which is a care home for children with life-limiting illnesses and their families.)
- 4th Annual Event
- Over $800,000 raised in 4 years.
- $1,000 - The amount each racer has to raise. MANY raise far more.
- 80% - My guess at the percentage of racers affiliated with Innovative Fitness

In previous years I have raced (once) or volunteered (twice)... this year I was simply supporting and watching my own kids which was a handful :)

There are now several race options for kids, so next year we will definitely have the whole family involved (except for Viggo who might still be a tad young...)

Congratulations to everyone - the race and all of the $ for Canuck Place is something to be VERY proud of!

The photos can be found by clicking the picture below:

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Jo Lynn said...

That looks SO fun. I think I want to try kayaking. ;)

Missy said...

I'm with Jo Lynn. I'd try but I bet I'd be paddling in circles.

Malcolm said...

hey meyrick!
the total is $275 000 and counting!!
unbeleivable success. i was, as is the norm for me, challenged on race day! the chain on my $10 bike broke! upside of this disaster was that the John Henry crew brought the PRIZE BIKE up for me to finish the bike section. sweet ride!
the adventure cam was in full use on the run. it will take me a while to get my recap of the event on my blog...but stay tuned!

looking forward to cross paths with you one day!!