Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Living, Working, Training - gettin'er done...

The weekend was great - still glowing from that awesome football game.  Also had my Father-in-law Gary's birthday dinner at the in-law's house - always spectacular food and company.

The week has gotten off to a good start....  Not much out of the ordinary.  Just trying to get a few good workouts in before leaving for 100 Mile House on Thursday (for the BC Championships.)

I've had a couple of great IF workouts - perfect high tempo, low weight, cardio blasts with long stretching sessions at the end.  Feeling pretty good for the weekend.  

We leave Thursday, the drive is apparently VERY long.  We have a great little cabin booked at Spring Lake Ranch.  Should be fun.  I plan to ski Friday - gentle, course preview type-thing.  Race Saturday - 5km Classic and there is talk of a relay for fun on Sunday.

We will celebrate my 34th Birthday on Sunday after all the racing - the wife and kids have been hard at work preparing the festivities so I am pretty excited.

Should be an awesome weekend.  Tune in next week for your trip wrap-up and race report.

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