Monday, February 25, 2008


...cuz this week is likely to suck.  I try not to be negative but there is no way around the fact that moving kind of sucks.

We are hitting the packing full throttle as of today....  it's been all I can do to get Sacha to procrastinate this long.  (I feel that one way or the other we WILL be packed by moving day March 1st so we might as well put it off and live normally as long as possible... she has graciously agreed to try my technique though I can tell it is causing a bit of anxiety for her.)

I enjoyed my first weekend without a race in a few weeks....  logged some awesome family time.  Did two runs with Mattias...  he's a real trooper - up to about 3-5k now.  I find that his ability to run and my ability to distract him with conversation are directly linked....  no convo = no run.  So I plan all sorts of stuff to talk about before the run...  It's a blast because he just chats away.  
I've taught him all sorts of fun drills - buttkickers, high knees etc. the usual... but my favourite is that I have trained him to "Dig Deep" on hills - he says it every time....  "Dada, dig deep..." "OK, Mattias, will do..."  it's fun.

I am predicting that all of our move preps will cut deeply into my training this week - but I'll be able to make up for it up in Whistler...  (We are spending the next month living in Whistler which should set me up well for Nationals in the Callaghan Valley March 18-23.)


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