Friday, February 22, 2008

End of the week...

Friday!  Sweet....

It's been a nice week since we got a break from the @#$! weather....  Training looked like this over the last few days:

Wednesday - Masters (longer sets on Wednesday - felt great to be back in the pool after letting the shoulders rest for a few days)

Wednesday - IF with Richard - nothing too crazy - still hitting the ski specific exercises pretty hard and I feel it is helping.

Wednesday - Quick 70 minute cycling blast out along the low roads of the North Shore with Richard, Rob and Sam....  fun to be outside - not too cold...  Power felt OK on the hills (until Richard blew by and I thought I was in reverse...)

Thursday - Skate Ski with Tony....  I needed this.  Haven't been skating as much lately as the focus has been on classic.  My confidence had dropped a little due to the layoff.  Working mostly on posture.  

Friday - Masters - 3 lanes today so I was in with the fastest swimmers which I love....  makes for a hard workout but the challenge is great and I like being there.

And still to come is another Friday IF workout and maybe even a little jog with Mattias this afternoon if the weather holds....

Dinner at the Banana Leaf tonight (mmmmm....) with Llorn and Kari - should kick the weekend off right.

Have a good one!

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