Monday, February 11, 2008

Spring Lake Ranch

Awesome trip!

First off I have to recommend Spring Lake Ranch to all of you...  what an amazing spot.  It is at 111 Mile on the #1 Hwy, you take a right and drive 15km into the wilderness.  Our first time down the snow covered, winding 15k road we saw a Moose, 2 cows, a deer and a HUGE eagle.  Wow!  

Upon our arrival we found our idyllic little cabin right at the top of a perfect tobogganing run (I could see how my days were going to be spent....)  At the bottom of the toboggan run was a frozen lake with a hockey rink cleared!  This is about as Canadian a scene as your ever likely to see... so Canadian I had never seen anything like it!

Myrna and John (tho ranch owners) were awesome - John took Mattias on a bulldozer ride, he "groomed" the toboganning hill for us and Myrna's cooking was great... (they have an opt in or opt out meal system that is great.)

Apart from my racing, our days were spent toboganning, checking out the horses, playing in the snow and hanging out in our cozy cabin.  It was a really nice place to spend a few REAL winter days.  On the last day Mattias dragged his toboggan up the hill and with tears on his face said "I don't want to go home."  That's when you know your kids enjoyed a holiday...

One of the obvious highlights for me was the awesome birthday celebration planned by the kids (and Sacha)....  complete with Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Thanks guys!

The funniest quote of the weekend:

We're filling up with gas at a Chevron in 100 Mile...

Aia:  Momma who's that man?
Sacha:  Which man Aia?
Aia:  That one shaving his car.  (Pointing to a man squeegeeing his windows...)

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