Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clermont Pics...

The internet continues to be a bit tough here...  we have to sit outside an office.  Not conducive to long detailed posts.

Therefore I can only upload some shots and give caption or two... Also, I am way behind on reading all of your excellent blogs - will get a chance to catch up soon!

The camp is going really well. The weather is holding - around 27°-31°C every day. It has been a bit windy during our rides which makes up for the fact that Clermont isn't very hilly.

Without further ado here are a few shots:

That's my new bike....  It's feeling pretty awesome...  I need to get a slightly shorter stem and a slightly narrower handlebar and I'll be fully dialed in.  

Nathan - the mechanic.  Washing down our bikes and keeping them in perfect working order.  Nate's the man.

Brayden and Brian chilling out after a ride and a bite to eat.

Don't know if you can see the racing stripes on my head....  they hurt a lot and were a very noticeable pink.  Gotta remember to s'screen my dome.

This is Brian's handiwork off the back of the tandem...  not bad for a visually impaired guy shooting off the back of a bike.

This is our actual house.  In fact our group has three of these...

Brian's handiwork again.  I'm working on getting some more shots in the next few days.

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Jo Lynn said...

I see the stripes. Bummer! It's kind of like me the other day - put sunscreen on before skiing all day. Oops, didn't quite get it up high enough on my forehead. I got bright pink on my hair line. ;)

Ryan Denner said...

can I have your bike?

Missy said...

That'll be great when that starts to peel! Ouch. Looks like fun out that hurts so good kinda way.

swimbikerunryan said...

Love Brian's handiwork...very cool shots. Hey the best sunburns are when you have the Orca logo burned into your back after a day of training... gotta lube the head dude, or bnadanas work good too:) look forward to more pics/updates.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Sounds like you are having a great time there. Keep it up!

And I love the stripes. ;-)

Chloe said...

The stripes are AWESOME. It's tricky to remember all of the places that need suntan lotion. Tops of the feet? Top of the ears? Ugh. I always forget. Here in about a week you'll look like you have super dandriff.

Love the pictures. And yep. That looks like Florida!!