Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Florida Here I Come!

The horrifically bad postcard above is of Clermont, Florida.  I spent a few minutes trying to find a nicer one but in the end the "Gem of the Hills" slogan sold me on displaying this one for your viewing pleasure.  Photo Credit:  none (I can see why.)

The big news I have been alluding to occasionally over the last week or so is that I have been officially invited to a Cycling Canada Road Camp in Florida.

Clermont is the location.  It is just outside of Orlando and directly adjacent to Mickey and Minny's 25,000 acre crib.  The "Hills" referenced in the postcard are what Clermont is "known" for.

The camp will run for the latter half of March.

I am pretty excited about the opportunity to ride alongside the country's top Para-Cyclists.  It will be an excellent chance to see where I stand and determine how to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

I am under no illusions however - I feel certain I will be dropped like a bad habit more than once.  Time will tell...

In order to guarantee that I am healthy I have decided to withdraw from the often wet and cold UBC triathlon in order to avoid dancing around in my tri-suit for 2.5 hours on Sunday.  I want to be fit and healthy going into the camp so I will do a long ride and cheer my friends on instead.

In other news:  

With the camp coming up and a series of cycling races not too far off on the horizon I had to assess my equipment.  My two-wheeled arsenal currently consists only of a Specialized Transition (TT/Triathlon) and an old Specialized Epic mountain bike.  

Since this was as close as my bicycle tree ever got to blooming - I was forced to make some decisions.  

Fortunately, I had a GREAT meeting with Stephen Kim from The Bike Gallery.  The Bike Gallery and Specialized sponsored me last year and are set to do the same again this year.  There should be a couple of shiny new rides (road and TT) arriving sometime soon.  

I am incredibly fortunate to have support from Stephen and Specialized - I will be dedicating a post to it sometime in the very near future.

Incidentally, one or both of my other bikes (the Transition and the Epic) will be going up for sale shortly for those who may be interested....

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jameson said...

congrats dude... on the camp and new bikes.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That camp sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Very cool of The Bike Gallery to hook you up like that.

Chloe said...

Congrats! That is awesome news - both on the bikes and the camp! Florida is awesome that time of year! Just watch out for the crazies - I've heard there are a few of them down here. :)

Missy said...

Have a ball and hang on tight to their wheel...we have faith in you!

TriStyleGirl said...

Wow congrats! I actually grew up about an hour east of Clearmont and Orlando. If you have a chance head over to the beach!

Jo Lynn said...

Congratulations ;)

Ryan Denner said...

MJ - congrats on everything, including enjoying the warm weather!

btw, blog fixed!

PC Ironman said...

congrats on the invite