Thursday, March 5, 2009

Storm the Drome

Last night's velodrome clinic was AWESOME!  

I was super pleased by the turn-out - somehow it ended up being a full house of 16 riders.  I was only expecting 10 or 12....  a few didn't let me know they were coming and just signed up - that was a nice surprise.

There was a lot of energy around the velodrome since the group was jam-packed with first time track riders.  Before long the instructor, Jeff, had the group rolling around the track with confidence.  Nobody crashed, nobody failed the course, and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.

I may have just found a few track partners....  at least THREE of the riders seemed eager for more in the near future.  So my initial goal may have been satisfied as well!  

Thanks very much to everyone who attended and to Jeff Ain and Jeremy Storie at the Velodrome. 

Today is a beautiful West Coast day and I am looking forward to hitting the road for a 2 hour blast on the bike....  the next chapter in what I have dubbed:

Operation: Don't Get Dropped in Florida

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That's pretty cool. I've never even been inside a velodrome before.

Missy said...

HA, no body crashed because I couldn't make it! Happy that you had a great turn out.