Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday-Night Wrap

It was another action-packed weekend....  is there any other kind for a family with three kids?

After spending the morning with the kids while Sacha got her run in I managed to fit in a great ride with Kevin this afternoon.  Of course we got rained on but that kind of goes without saying...  

You can see the route in the map below... nothing out of the ordinary. We went about 30miles - we did a lot of chatting on the bike and took it pretty easy but also mixed in a few harder efforts on the hills and a few other key points of the ride... all in all very relaxing and satisfying.  I am starting to feel the bike legs returning and it is nice.

Spanish Banks during our ride....

The route....

After the ride we transitioned in my van and headed out for a 15 minute run.  It was totally pouring by then.  Check out my van - how perfect is that? 2 bikes (and a leg) in the back without any disassembly - away from thieving eyes.... I love that van.

It was a big sports weekend for the kids...

Saturday morning was Mattias' first swim meet.  Kind of a big moment.

- 25m Free
- 25m Breast
- 25m Back

He acquitted himself really well in all three...  very few of the 6 or 7 year olds showed up so he raced with mostly older kids.  I was most proud of the fact that he was loose, easy and having fun before, during and after - no stress or nervousness.  

5:30am - We're both a little tired but we are the first people at the pool.  That's how I like to roll on a race day.

5:35 - I have THE best seat in the house (and that's good because the place has almost no good seats.)

5:45 - Now I have been asked to be a timer.  These events go off so fast you can barely write the time down and clear the watch before the next heat starts - so no race photos sorry.

Not long after the meet Mattias had his last day of soccer.  He (we) are toying around with retirement from soccer.  It conflicts a bit with swimming and he enjoys the swimming much more.  He announced his retirement last week but then pulled a "Brett Favre" on Saturday and announced he would play...  We suspected the season ending donuts might have been the lure he could not resist.

I know it may seem like Mattias gets a lot of the "sporting" attention around here - it is mostly a function of age....  Aia (who is 4) is getting ready to follow in her big brother's footsteps.  Today she got out the Nakamura Stinger and did several reps around the course I set up for her.  I don't think she ever went anaerobic but it was a good session for so early in the season.

That is Molly Brynn in the basket....  she is Aia's doll of choice at the moment.

Viggo is learning to crawl...  that's his exercise.

I hope you had a great weekend!  

P.S.  If you are still waiting for the conclusion to the cliffhanger "exciting news" I left two posts ago it is because I am too....  maybe tomorrow....

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Missy said...

OMG, now those are the cutest pictures ever. That's how I roll on race day too...I don't care if I'm the first one there. Two bikes and a leg, makes me giggle every time;) Looked cold and wet, booo.

Ulyana said...

I love the posts about your family. Such an active family!!! And your kids are beyond adorable!

Also, you are making me want to go and live in Canada for a while :)

Jo Lynn said...

Your kids are too darn cute! By the way, donuts ALWAYS keep me in the game. LOL ;)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

What an awesome weekend for the whole family! Great job. It's ok for your son to pull a Favre at this age...just not when you are 38. My two oldest sons are starting soccer this month. I know nothing about the sport so it should be interesting.

holly said...

HAHA - the anaerobic comment on the bicycle just killed me. Maybe it is time for kiddie heart rate monitors and them having their own blogs?