Friday, September 18, 2009

Berlin Marathon Showdown

Just when you thought that the biggest race this weekend was Mattias and I competing in the 5 Peaks trail race @ Buntzen Lake along comes the Berlin Marathon....

This Sunday's showdown in Berlin looks like it will be unbelievable...

Haile Gebrselassie vs. Duncan Kibet.


I realize those names may not mean much to some... but they are a bit like:

Gretzky vs. Crosby
Manning vs. Brady
Tyson vs. Holyfield
Federer vs. Nadal

... none of those is quite right but you get my drift...

However, if those tantalizing comparisons aren't enough to interest you, read this entertaining breakdown of the duel from the Science of Sport. After reading it I was super-pumped to watch 2:03:?? of marathon running.

Questions that WILL be answered: Will the wily veteran, and world record holder, Gebrselassie, have the legs to hold off the hard charging, and younger Kibet? Will the World Record fall on the fastest course in the world?

So, if you are interested (and you must be by now) watch it on your computer (HERE).
Sunday - 12 AM PST, 3AM Eastern (ouch - sucks to be in the east!).

Universal Sports has not announced if it will be televising Mattias and I out at Buntzen, though at this stage it looks unlikely...

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Nicole said...

Awesome! I will definitely be watching. 2:03 is crazy... 1 hour off my best..haha

rUntoNamAste said...

Oh yes, I will definitely be watching. Definitely!!! Go Geb!
Good luck to you and Mattias @ 5 Peaks. Your weekend is going to be super exciting!

FatDad said...

yo MJ,
Do you know something I don't? I tried to watch the IAAF worlds on Universal but was blocked here in Canada.

MJ said...

Hey FatDad,

Ya, Universal can be a pain in the butt at times... it'll let you watch some things and not others (for no apparent reason).

I have very good luck with it and it might be because I bought my computer in the US and also registered for Universal from a US ip address. Next time you are out of town in the US (if you have a laptop) register for Universal down there...



FatDad said...

That would do it, for sure.
Thanks man.

Ulyana said...

So glad it was Haile. I don't know why I am this way, but I always route for the veterans... younglings need to work their way up ;)

Ryan Denner said...

I will place money on the guy with 4 arms!