Thursday, May 28, 2009

MAP Test

Yesterday I did a MAP test on the bike....  this is Maximal Aerobic Power.

The test protocol:

- Set-up on a CompuTrainer, calibrate at 2 
- Tires @ 100psi
- Choose a gear where the chain won't skip and is in a straight line

- 20 Minutes Warm-Up

- Start at a wattage which represents the low end of your aerobic exertion (say 140-240 watts)
- Increase 10 watts every minute
- Record Heart Rate every minute
- RPM should be at 90 or higher 
- If you go below 90, you have 30 seconds to bring it back up. If you can't, this is where you'll be stopped.
- The last completed stage is your score.

- Record any information of note regarding the test i.e. time of day, hydration, fueling beforehand - try to keep tests as similar as possible.

It is also advisable to have a buddy rocking out on Rock Band to keep you pumped - the fast beat of the music also helps with keeping above 90 cadence.

Check out the video I shot during the warm-up:

Unfortunately, once the test started Kevin needed to concentrate on recording results.  Next time we need a rocker AND a test technician.  I figure some loud Metallica, AC/DC, Guns 'n Roses or the like should be good for at least an extra 10 watts.

With cycling races just around the corner my results are classified - I don't want to light a fire under my competition's a$$es (or give them a bunch of confidence).  But what I will say is that I was unhappy with how the test ended.  I had wanted to FIGHT to the bitter end and have Kevin stop me for falling below 90 for too long.  Instead I just stopped abruptly after the XXX stage and declared "I'm done!"  I wasn't even below 90 rpm....  I just felt I wouldn't make it....  that is NOT the killer instinct or the eye of the tiger.

Anyway, on the day I figure a little more fight *might* have netted me 10 more watts...  

Last night's group ride was a hilly 50km - Jeremy showed us a great road on the North Shore with Tour de France style switchbacks and gnarly 8-9% sections....  it was pretty awesome!  I will post about it next time...


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Jeremy Hopwood said...

Ok, will be holding you true on the promise of revealing the details of

"great road on the North Shore with Tour de France style switchbacks and gnarly 8-9% sections"

Tried to find it yesterday on the road and are now stalking google maps trying to work it out.

swimbikerunryan said...

i may try that later in the week..really doesn't matter i guess if you start too it just gives you a longer warm up... should be interesting... Hey, keep your chin up, some good days, some bad...chalk this one up to.."learning the protocol" time you'll destroy it! (although in comparison to me, you probably did!)...hah, i'd prob not get over 260!