Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tomorrow We Race!

In this case "we" means Mattias and I....

Tomorrow is the North Shore Spring Triathlon.  Just like last year, my participation will be overshadowed by a first-timer - this time it's my own son!

This is really an absolutely perfect race for a beginner, and I may try to bring one triathlon rookie every year!

- pool swim (750m)
- flat, simple bike (20km)
- fun run on part trails, part road, couple of small hills (5km)
- great community atmosphere

This year Mattias is doing the 6-7 year-old's relay with his buddy Carter.  Mattias will swim and run, leaving the cycling to Carter.  The distances are 50m swim, 1.5 km bike, 500m run.

Today Kevin and I held a transition practice: mounts, dismounts, running with the bikes, tagging, racking bikes, putting on helmets and ripping them off etc.  If you've ever watched a kids tri - this is where the carnage takes place (and the race is won or lost.)  More important than competitiveness is that our sons do not perpetuate the myth reality that triathletes are known for disastrously poor bike handling.  We want our kids to be part of the solution not the problem!

Kevin with his students...

Carter with the day's best "flying dismount"...

Mattias dutifully dismounting PRIOR to the dismount line...

Unfortunately I have a bit more confidence in these guys than myself tomorrow.  I am breaking the "nothing new on race day" rule in a major way:

- New bike (friday)
- New water bottle position (put it between the aerobars - a few hours ago)

Hopefully nothing disastrous will happen...

Here is my new ride courtesy of Specialized and the the Bike Gallery HUGE THANK YOU to both!

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Jo Lynn said...

Nice bike! I hope everything goes super. ;)

Missy said...

OK, I really need to learn to do the flying dismount. I just got 'beat' by a kid.

Looks like a total blast. Can't wait for THAT race report and I mean his, not yours;)

Ryan Denner said...

sick new ride dude!

I break the nothing new on race day rule... every race, and in some ways, makes you a better for athlete for having to deal with change! If you go into a race thinking "nothing has changed", and something does, then it can crack people! Don't sweat it!

swimbikerunryan said...

Dude!!! you are one lucky S.O.B!! nice ride..
very cute pics...good to get em' practicing the proper methods early on... As we all know, teaching the "old dogs" new tricks is sometimes tough... We've all witnessed some pretty horrendous transitions... Practice makes perfect:)
Hope you did great!

rUntoNamAste said...

Good luck to you and the little man! What a darling way for father and son to bond. I'm looking forward to the race report and pics :-)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Good luck to both of you!

Chloe said...

Yeah - flying dismount? Hmm. Kids are always one step ahead of me :) That is exciting about the 'kids race'. I'm going to have to check out the next one in my area!

hope you guys did awesome!