Friday, May 1, 2009

Huge Triathlon Weekend

Just in case you weren't aware this weekend is packed with HUGE triathlon events.  With the World Championship Series beginning and Wildflower it should be awesome to see most of the best triathletes in the world at work.  Here is a brief guide to dial you in...

The first stop in the new ITU WC Series is Tongyeong, Korea.  The series is seven races and the Grand Finale on the Gold Coast.  Prize money is TRIPLED and the best athletes are out in force to fight over it.  For all the details click HERE.

The best part is that the whole race will be available LIVE or on demand - HERE.

My picks:


1st - Simon Whitfield (CAN)
2nd - Bevan Docherty
3rd - Brent McMahon (CAN)


1st - Emma Snowsill
2nd - Kirsten Sweetland (CAN)
3rd - Sam Warriner

(Yes, there is a fair amount of Canadian bias in these picks... but it isn't that big a stretch....)

One of the most popular races on the international calendar, Wildflower is held in May each year at Lake San Antonio, Monterey County, California.

The pro field is stacked again this year.

My picks:


1st - Eneko Llanos
2nd - Terenzo Bozzone
3rd - Jordan Rapp (CAN)


1st - Erika Csomor
2nd - Leanda Cave
3rd - Becky Lavelle

But I'll be cheering for Canadians Angela Naeth, Heather and Trevor Wurtele, and blog buddy Eileen Swanson.

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James Greenwood said...

Check out for live coverage of the wildflower - starts at 7:30am PST.

That is on Saturday - should be interesting - what a great line up.

prozac said...

I never was one to participate in triathlons. Probably because my physical endurance sucks.

Darren said...

Hey MJ, did my first XTERRA this weekend and DAMN, it was tough...another TRI3 with MS won the PC division. Hell of a lot of fun though, Melanie McQuaid won the women's event and Jasper Blake was 4th or 5th for the men

Rachel said...

San Diego felt empty this weekend and I felt left behind. One of these years, I will schedule WF into my race season.

Ryan Denner said...

I met heather and trevor this w/e at WF - we have the same coach!

Dude, I don't care that you live in BC - you need to come down this race!