Monday, May 4, 2009

MY 22...

I guess it was in University that I started counting May as part of "summer"....  and at some point I added September because of its good weather...

With this highly debatable accounting (and a decent tolerance for rain) "Summer" consists of:

22 weekends

I know that all of you Southern Californians may not need to inventory your weekends this way - for they are all sunny and beautiful...  but for us Canadians the sun is our friend for only a few months each year.

These weekends go so fast...  I am already stressed about misusing them!

So far, and this is all subject to change, MY 22 weekends will feature:

- 3 triathlons
- 3 running races
- 3 cycling events

- 5 out-of-town events
- 4 events within a 2 hour drive

I also want to fit in:

- 1 or 2 camping with the kids
- 1 or 2 races with the kids (5 Peaks)
- All or most of Mattias' baseball games and Otters swim meets

- Lots of swimming with Aia so she can go into Otters next fall/winter

It's going to be busy!

What about your 22?  What have you got on tap?


On a side note....  Summer makes me think about driving to races in my van, camping with kids and enjoying the weather.  Please enjoy some van shots from last summer.  P.S.  I know I am a nerd about my van - can't help it...


Though I love my van, I can't help but dream about ones like this:

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runninggunner said...

Your van is awesome! But those other two are pretty sweet as well. Sounds like a great summer. 22 weekends is not enough!

Ryan Denner said...

dude, just get sponsored by avia and you will be all set :) you can do it!

Jo Lynn said...

I hope your runner friend heard me cheer for her at Miwok. I couldn't find out her number ahead of time but I cheered super loud for every single woman that came through my aid station as I took their number down.
As for my summer weekends? Two races a month, two weddings, at least three camping trips. ;)

prozac said...

Agreed, that van is awesome. And sounds like you've got an equally awesome summer lined up.

Missy said...

OK, I totally love that van and I don't think you're a nerd. I'd totally drive that thing and I don't even have kids!

Nice list, mine is much smaller but I'm jazzed just the same.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That sounds like a great racing summer you have planned.

Here in Arizona, everything is kind of backwards. I'm in base building mode right now and all of my key races (a trail marathon, two 50k's, a 24-hour and potentially a 50-miler) are all set from September through March. So right now, I'm just laying the foundation for all of those races. It's sort of like living in Australia.

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

Jo Lynn,

Are you talking about me? Unless Meyrick had some more friends down there? All the volunteers were soooo nice and super duper helpful.

My 22 weeks consists of so much running its ridiculous...but I wouldn't have it any other way! The scenery and the adventure are well worth it. I can't wait for Knee Knacker the most!!!

MJ said...

Hey Nicola,

I told Jo Lynn you were doing Miwok and to give an extra "whoop whoop" when you came through....


Andrea said...

Meyrick help! A teammate just left to try out for the U23 team and I inherited her Cannondale tri bike for the summer! It's way too good for me and I need someone to show me what to do before I ruin it! I'll trade you rowing lessons for a few pointers? As for my summer plans - totally pumped because we had a team meeting yesterday and decided on three regattas, two Whistler training camps, one Canmore camp and lots of fun cross training events. If there's anything better than summers in Vancouver I don't know what it is.

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