Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama - Inauguration

What an amazing thing to watch.  

I've had months to get used to the idea of this new president, and I know what a great speaker he is.  I have also spent a little time considering the historical significance of his election and this day.

So it was a little odd that almost as soon as he started speaking I had a lump in my throat and a welling of emotion.  Difficult to define exactly why...   but if you can watch this entire Inaugural Address and not feel a little emotional I suggest you take a pulse reading.

Hopefully his talent for speaking, mobilizing support (4 million at the Inauguration in Washington today) and inspiring people are a preview of his ability to make some real changes. 

This image from the New York Times website shows, in order of popularity, the HOPES of the American people for the Obama administration:

There you have it...  easy job hey!  He has already made history but I think there is A LOT more to come.

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Linda Pendleton said...

You’re right, Meyrick. It was amazing to watch. Obama’s inauguration was so historic and emotional. Heck, I started with tears on Saturday during their train ride on the “Obama Express,” and Obama's Baltimore speech. Then on Sunday with the HBO Inaugural Concert, I used several Kleenex. The concert was excellent; classy, meaningful and moving songs. If you missed it, you can currently watch it at http://www.hbo.com/weareone/

It seems the significance of this goes deeper than the historic event of having a bi-racial/Black President. (I loved he was sworn in on Lincoln’s Bible) I believe the bigger message or hope has been about positive change, acceptance, tolerance, and equality in all areas of life, and that might be why it has hit so many of us at such a deep level...a soul level. And with that comes the emotion, the tears.

I’ve been very optimistic and excited about Obama and Biden, and I have felt a shift in energy took place with the election. I believe they will be very good for our country, and the world. Lots of hard work ahead but the pendulum has definitely moved in a new direction, a much needed one. I like the Zen quality I see in Obama. He has intelligence, determination, compassion, humor, is articulate, and connects with people–those of us out here in everyday life. I think our new President and Vice President will represent us well.

BTW, your blitz is interesting...keep it up.