Thursday, January 29, 2009

lululemon Contest Winners!

OK....  So the draw is complete and we have two lucky winners.  

Viggo performed very well as the Master of the Draw - he very nearly ate the die once but was able to focus after that.

The winners are:


Congrats to both of you - one I have met (JB) and one I look forward to meeting (VL)....  Maybe you guys can review the lululemon item for my blog?

The rest of you may view this as somewhat of a "setback" - and for that I apologize.  Bear in mind you can only achieve success by handling it maturely - no broken laptops, or cancelled subscriptions please....

That was the most popular message in the lululemon manifesto....

Interestingly, out of 48 unique entries 18 different messages were chosen from the manifesto...  
The top 5:

Setbacks - 8 votes
Scares you - 5 votes
Listen - 4 votes
Friends not Money - 4 votes
Dance/I Will - 3 votes each

A note about the process (for disgruntled non-winners):  

- With two entries for subscribers/followers and one otherwise we had a total of 72 entries
- I assigned a number between 1 and 6 to each of the 72 entries
- I had Viggo roll the die once - this was the first 'cut' so to speak...  and brought the number of entries down to 12
- I had him roll again to determine whether he would roll once or twice (even = 2 rolls, odd = 1 roll)
- Then I had him do the final roll(s) to determine the winner
- We did this twice - once for men and once for women
- I am not a probability expert - this was the fairest way I could devise.

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Vincent said...


Yeah I will for sure review it. Thanks!

Justine Boulin said...

allright!! Thanks MJ!! Will wear my jacket with pride and review it for sure!

Mike said...

haha Great process, loved the dice method!

Eileen Swanson said...

Hi MJ, just found yout blog...nice ;-) Love it, super cool contest too. Lulu rocks ;-)