Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Highlights - Olympics Lite

We had a pretty action packed weekend.  I'll hit a few highlights for you.

The ongoing eating challenge was just that this weekend - a challenge - worthy of it's own post coming later....

Saturday morning was all about training - the best, and by far most noteworthy part, was doing the Masters session at the same time as Mattias did Otters just a few lanes over.

It's not like taking him there and dropping him off.  Getting my workout in the same pool a few lanes from my 6 year old son getting his workout was a big moment for me.  I kept looking over and trying to spot him...  I was kind of emotional in a weird way about it.

It was so awesome to hit up the pool together, get our work done independently, and hang after.

In the hot tub:

Mattias: "How was your workout?"
Me: "Awesome. You?"
Mattias: "Awesome." 

I love my athletics - training, racing etc.  Seeing him working on his craft with his coach just four or five lanes over from me was a really powerful sign that maybe he will grow up to love this stuff too...  more than when I have taken him to a kids race or to one of my races.  

So the Saturday masters session is now on the schedule for good.  I haven't decided if I will add it (going up to 4x per week) or sub out the Friday morning session....  we'll see what the shoulders have to say about 4x/week first.

Saturday afternoon the Jones Crew headed to Steveston and had an awesome time together - see the upcoming food post...


I made a last minute decision to charge up the highway to the Callaghan Valley - not for training this time.  There was a World Cup Ski Jumping Competition on and I thought Mattias would enjoy checking it out.  Aia was previously engaged with a birthday party for a friend or it might have been a full family event....

Like a lot of people, we will only be able to check out a few events in 2010 when the Olympics come - cost, ticket availability etc. making it pretty difficult to get the "Olympic experience".  These practice events and high level competitions are a pretty decent way to get the feeling of the games at 0 cost and a lot less hassle - "Olympics Lite" if you will...

Mattias' buddy Finlay and his dad joined us and we met Deb up there.  The event was interesting - very Euro-feeling...  tons of Polish and Austrian supporters - waving flags, singing and dancing.

Winning jump:  149 metres.

Check out the photos (click to enlarge):

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