Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Progress Report: S&M Blitz

So far, so good.  Sacha is the mastermind behind many of our meals.... I wouldn't stand a chance at this without her.

Day 1

Fueled?:  Yes.  Two workouts (6am and 3pm) and felt energetic for both.  I'm eating a lot more (quantity) and a lot more frequently due to the quicker burn on this type of food.  Tired in the evening but did wake up at 5:20am so that's normal.

Cravings:  None through the day then bad cravings before dinner.  I was visualizing chocolate covered macadamia nuts...  (which I plan to eat as soon as this is over.)  I didn't have anything that fit the bill immediately post exercise, and that was a problem that almost cracked me.  Cravings were bad enough that I got nervous about 10 whole days.  Dinner fixed it and I felt a lot better.

Status:  Committed.  Feeling good.  Slight trepidation about the evening cravings.  Need to plan better for refueling after exercise.

This was dinner on Day 1.  Chicken with tons of veggies.  I had about 4 helpings.  We topped it with fresh salsa, and a plain yogurt and spice sauce which Sacha invented.  

It was awesome.

Day 2

Fueled?:  Had a great breakfast: smoothie (tons of fruit, plain yogurt, protein powder), Ancient Grains bread with almond butter, egg/spinach with fresh salsa, cup of tea and an enormous orange.  Set me up right for the day.

This is lunch Day 2.  Check out my rad lunch box....  anyone who has ever seen it is jealous.  Leftovers from last night's dinner, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, 2 egg/spinach pucks (in the bag, sacha's invention) and water with lemon.  

Cravings:  Much better today.  I think I did a better job of keeping hunger at bay (which is a challenge with this kind of food.)  I snacked (healthy) throughout the day and never got those sweet cravings.  Very encouraging.

Status:  Committed.  Today was easier so that's good.  100% adherence so far.

Photo:  The "master" at work...  ( I was going to write 'mistress' but it didn't sound right...)

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runninggunner said...

Great Work. It seems like so much food when you cut some of the easy things out. Keep it up.

Vincent said...

I'd die, its pretty much official, I really need to diversify my diet before I can tackle something like this.

Good luck in the rest of the week.

Missy said...

Damn, that looks goooood! You can call her your girlfriend or first wife (presuming she is) in mixed crowds. It confuses them:) Way to go.

Ryan Denner said...

well done sir!