Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The lululemon Contest

...closes tomorrow.  Get your last minute entry in ASAP.  Click HERE, read the post and comment.

I have not determined how to conduct the draw yet - I think I may look to involve Viggo in the process as he is completely without bias, cannot read, and cannot be bribed (except by Sacha and I won't let her win anyway;)

I will draw tomorrow night around dinner time....  Stay tuned!

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Vincent said...

pick me! Pick ME!

Gotta Run said...

do you take bribes? lol!!

Missy said...

No, but the baby takes bribes...I know he wants a new puppy?!?!? C'mon kid, pick me!

Chloe said...

Thanks for sharing the peppers! I CAN'T wait to try it out!! Good luck with the no coffee - I don't think I can function!!

The shrimp below look great. I can't think of anything better then fresh peel and eat shrimp!

holly said...

Pick me! I'm nice - I swear.