Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A New Goal

OK, so following up on post #1.... the first thing that made me think about starting a blog - the initial catalyst, if you will...

My BIG new goal.

The highest level of amateur athletics (for me) is the Paralympics. Therefore I want to get there....

Problem = triathlon not currently offered as a Paralympic sport. So.... Swimming? nope. Running? Love it, but the Paralympic events are so short (and I am not built for that...) Riding? Nah.

Head-scratch.... skiing? I started skiing at 3 but kind of burnt out on it in my early 20s.... not enough interest to put in the hours. Plus - I like the endurance sports more these days.

Lightbulb! Nordic Skiing!


A few PROS:

- It's a cool sport (at least I think so...)
- Cypress is 15 minutes from my house. Callaghan Valley is 90 minutes.
- Fitness is a key in this sport - so at least I bring something to the table...
- If the ultimate goal isn't reached this is great off-season triathlon training
- Cool gear.... yeah, I like tights.

A big CON:

- Never done it and it looks VERY technical. But I have no bad habits!

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Evil Willow said...

Hi, Michael from Active Amputee recommended your blog, and I'm reading some of your ealrier posts. Last week I started running for the first time in 14 years (just got an energy returning foot), and have signed up to do a 5km run in 4 months time - I don't know how I'll go but it's a good goal to work towards. I also, just last night, sent off an email to someone about learning how to ski. So when I was going through my blog and saw Michael's recommendation taht I read this site, and then found out you're a marathon runner and skiier, I couldn't believe the great timing. I am hoping to learn from, and be inspired by, your blog :D

Cheers, Jess