Friday, December 21, 2007

Ticking Along....

It's been a while since I last posted.... here's the news that's fit to print.

1) been skiing a ton. Having a blast with it and improving fast (as you do when you start at 0.) We have a regular coaching session arranged for Thursday nights at Cypress and I have slotted three other ski workouts into my training week. It remains to be seen how well my schedule will work - this was a pretty big tweak and I like to give it a week or two to settle before I lock in a new "protocol".

I am finding that I am needing to increase my efficiency, planning and organization in order to keep my training levels where I want them, my work and volunteer commitments where I want them and to still be the dad and husband I want to be which is the most important thing of all. This is by far the biggest challenge I face in sport.... it sometimes makes having only one leg seem pretty minor as far as challenges go!

2) Christmas is coming.... gotta get a plan together for a couple of gifts but took care of most of this in NOVEMBER.... yeah! It seemed wrong to be buying gifts so early but it sure feels sweet now!

3) Legacy of a Warrior. It is the end of an era down at IF. (Not sure I've mentioned IF yet.... Innovative Fitness is a personal training facility in West Van, (there's also one in Kits, White Rock and Calgary) where I have been training for over three years. If you want to take your strength and conditioning to new heights (or get it off the ground) this is the place. The link is on the right column. Anyway, Legacy of a Warrior..... Dustin Ellsworth, my long-time trainer and an all-round awesome guy is moving on to a new challenge. We are going to mark the occasion with an EPIC workout - Kris, Rob, Duster and myself will leave nothing in the tanks in order to send Duster off on a high. The final chapter in a few months of "Warrior" workouts - should be pretty gnarly.

That's it for now....

Oh, wait! No, one more thing..... I got all my ski equipment (the classic gear - bought the skate gear a while back) - early Christmas present... It is all super sweet - Fischer Skis and Yoko Carbon Fibre Poles, Salomon SLab boots....

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