Saturday, December 1, 2007


Double-Header today...

I have a goal I have been working on.... to do an event every month for a year. I went through my records and have been close to doing it before but never quite. Anyway, this time I am making sure...

After a busy summer with races in each month I concluded my triathlon season with World's in Hamburg in early September. I didn't do an event in October. So, with that being the last event-free month I launched into this fun goal...

NOV 26 - Seattle Half Marathon (1:45)

I had a good time in Seattle and finished feeling fresh, so, for December I hit up and searched for another running event.

DEC 1 - Santa Shuffle 5km and Gunner Shaw 10km XCountry

The start times made it possible to do both....


Santa Shuffle - Had to run this one fast to make it to the other event. Truth be told the Santa Shuffle isn't about high performance athletics (as the costumes attested to....)

Anyway, I had my job set out and it got tougher as the race started late and the Stanley Park Seawall was covered with snow.

My leg doesn't perform very predictably in the snow and so I run a semi-constant risk of wiping-out.... makes for a tentative stride. I got the hang of it after ten minutes or so and was able to stride out a bit more.

Right around the aid station (? on a 5k.... and they gave the kid beside me a full water bottle with the cap on... ha ha...) I was in the lead with one other kid (he was about 17). He eventually, petered out but one other guy came past me.... I crossed the line in about 20 minutes for my first running podium. Hey, I know it's just the Santa Shuffle but I'll take it....

I had to rush to race #2 so I collected my prize pack from friends later.... fun.

Gunner Shaw 10k - Cross Country - Debbie, my designated driver for the day rushed me from Stanley Park to Jericho Beach with 10 minutes to spare before the XC race. WAY different vibe over here.... no santa costumes and people are serious. Team jerseys, spikes, singlets (it was below zero and snowing...)

The gun went and we were off like a shot. I haven't done a cross country race since high school... they are a blast! The course wound through Jericho Park and the beach - over sand, dirt, grass, ice, puddles, snow, over stumps - awesome!

Favourite parts: solid footing - grass, gravel. Least Favoured parts: the beach - my left leg buries on every stride....

So, this race was a lot of fun but a bit of a "mental strength" assignment... I was struggling with the footing and the ice and snow... not to mention the extra distance. This left me with the bottom half of the field - still a pretty energetic group though. I crossed the line in around 50 minutes and headed straight for the warmth of the car.

What a great day.... take it from me do a double-header one day. Try to rope in your friends - if that doesn't work go it alone (or with a driver if you are lucky enough to have someone willing! Thanks Debbie!)

And if you do, follow it with a BIG heart-stopping breakfast at the Bakehouse in West Van like I did. Kids and wife there to celebrate with me.

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