Sunday, December 23, 2007

First Races Approach

Got the race Schedule dialed-in....

My Nordic Racing debut will take place in the Callaghan Valley at the BC Cup, 2 races - one a sprint (1200m - Classic) and one a 5k Skate:

January 19-20

I will then take off to Mt. Washington for a Para-Nordic Training Camp (Jan 22-25) and race again at the Coast Cup on the weekend:

January 26-27

In total this stretch will involve skiing 8 out of 9 days and racing 4 times. How sweet is that? Monthly race goal (mentioned a few posts ago) is looking a bit too easy all of a sudden!

Legacy of a Warrior update: Yesterday marked Duster's last day.... he will be missed around IF. The workout was killer (I should have written it down to post here...) We rocked it and finished our Warrior Training (strength phase) on a powerful note. Now we will get SERIOUS about aerobic conditioning and sport specific strength and stability etc. Maybe not as fun but a good challenge all the same.

Duster and I on the way to Machu Picchu

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