Sunday, December 16, 2007

Callaghan Valley

What a great weekend!

I spent the weekend up at Whistler - skied on Friday.... I had planned to visit the new Whistler Olympic Park which will host the Olympic and Paralympic Nordic skiing events. This plan was sidetracked as the Park did not open till Saturday.

So I skied at Callaghan Country. The nice lady in the unheated trailer cabin told me it was ten km up to a lake - "it's uphill, but you like like you're up for it!"

Somehow, between the cabin (where I bought my trail pass) and my vehicle (where I put on my skis) the idea of climbing up to this lake set in..... after-all "I look up for it!"

It is 10km, and it is straight up.... extremely hard work. I was overheating within 5 minutes. But, up I went.... practicing the offset technique Tony showed me and I have been practicing at Cypress. Up to the lake - it's frozen and not particularly impressive (but maybe I was too bagged to appreciate it?) Rest. Get incredibly cold and commence the 10km downhill where I almost froze - literally. All the sweat I produced on the way up turned ice cold and made me very uncomfortable.... I have some learning to do about clothing or layers or something!

Back to the car - heater on full blast all the way back to Whistler. I wish I took the camera.... maybe that lake was worth the pain.

Friday night - met Kaspar Wirz - head coach of the Canadian Para-Nordic Team at a Callaghan Valley Grand Opening function. He instructed me to ski 800km and call him.... I was surprised the number was so small!! haha.... After all, I did 20k yesterday alone!

Saturday - Watched the Callaghan Valley's first race.... BC Cup #2. Had a great time soaking up the vibe.... kids racing, para-nordic athletes, masters, men, women.... very family oriented. I wish I had gone to watch a triathlon before I entered my first one.... it helps to see the way things work while you've got a latte in your hand and no stress or pressure to perform. The race was great and sort of made me wish I had signed up... maybe.

Back home to the family on Sunday night after getting the cabin ready for the Herbert Family from Australia.

Great weekend.

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