Monday, May 26, 2008

Aia's Project

Day one of the plan I sketched out on Sunday night went perfectly:

Masters - 6am:  great swim, nothing too crazy - happy that my shoulders felt good after the open water on Saturday.

I.F. - 2pm - 4pm:  Brick attack with Rob:

Bike on trainer  Run on Treadmill
- 15 minutes  then - 15 minutes (lvl. 8)
- 10 minutes  then - 10 minutes (lvl. 8.5)
- 5 minutes  then - 5 minutes (lvl. 9, 9.5)
- 15 minutes  then - 15 minutes (8)
- 5 minutes  then - 5 minutes (9, 9.5, 10)

     Total: 1:40

This workout was pretty tough.  There was supposed to be another 10 minute set on the back half of the pyramid but we ran out of time.  We treated the bike intervals as 'steady' with a couple of out-of-the-saddle bursts.  The tready intervals were pretty tough.  The speed, though not too crazy, was challenging especially on the backside of the pyramid (over 70 or 80 minutes deep in the workout.)  It was also insanely hot in the gym today, I was sweating like crazy and could feel the fit of my leg changing through the workout.  (That's a sure sign that some work is gettin' done!)  Rob took it a little slower as he is tapering for the Oliver Half Iron this weekend...  Nevertheless, he was on board for the workout step for step.

On the homefront all is well with Viggo and Sacha.  The little guy is feeding like crazy and sleeping most of the day (and a bit less at night.)  The kids really do love him and seem to be doing well with sharing attention.  Mattias has his T-Ball which is going very well, and as of tonight I have begun a "project" with Aia.

Using nothing but popsicle sticks, glue and other crafty stuff we will be building this:

Feel free to express your skepticism...  I have the two believers I need (Aia and Mattias.)  The version we will build may lack some of the detail you see in the image above, though I expect it to be quite impressive.  Like true Canadians we have eschewed the 'flash' of 12 turrets (as pictured above) and have opted for a more sensible and less gaudy 4.  They will, however, be staggered in height and circumference as I don't want this creation to resemble the "Alamo" (which will be difficult to avoid with the popsicle stick aesthetic.)

As with all renovations or new construction, I feel that it is wise not to declare a timeline for this project.  We will pour our heart and soul into the project 30 minutes at a time... until the job is done.

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