Monday, May 5, 2008

Three Topic Post

Topic Number #1

My workout at the Callaghan Valley today.  I really didn't want to do it.  I also had every excuse one could dream about with which to bail (wife due in 18 days, house move yesterday, big triathlon in one month etc.)  I was really hating the idea of going up to the Callaghan - to me the ski season is over and this was not a good fit for me mentally.  My mind was SCREAMING Bail, Bail!

I knew that if I was serious about my goal of making it to the National Team and on to the Paralympics in 2010 I HAD TO GO.  I had a National Team Coach invite me personally... and my goal is to get on the National Team.

Anyway, I went.  I dragged myself up there (kind of hating the idea) with the plan to "do my time" and get the hell out.  No offense to anyone there - I just wasn't into it.  

I got out there on the skis.  A little rusty after 5 weeks off...  But, you know, I was kind of enjoying the sensation - the altitude, the heart pounding work, the sunshine and warm weather.

Then I met up with Robin, he coached me on and off for a couple of hours and shot some video of me skiing.  Robin competed at the Olympics in Nagano and also guides his visually impaired brother Brian.  Brian is following in his brother's Olympic footsteps and looks to be set to compete as an able-bodied skier at the Olympics in 2010 - even though he is mostly BLIND!  That, my friends , is pretty incredible... 

Anyway, Robin supplied me with two absolutely stellar tips (and a bunch of other great ones that I will be working on for a while) which have already made me a FAR better skier.  I also felt pretty excited about it again.  He is a great coach and a really good guy.

The ski session ended and I packed up and hit the road - I was PUMPED!  These are the sessions where you make the biggest gains.  The ones that challenge you - mentally.  When you stare down the barrel of weakness (wanting to bail, and wanting to make excuses) and you somehow find a way to overcome the urge and get out there, you have exercised the most important muscle of all - your will!  

I am still glowing from the session... literally (see Topic #3)

Topic Number 2

Mitsubishi City Chase Update - Mark and I "passed" the screen test...  We are going to be the "stars" of a reality TV show production focused on the race.  Exciting and slightly nerve-wracking!  Should be a lot of fun....

Topic Number 3

Why didn't I put sunscreen on today?  I have a shaved head, it was sunny and hot, I was skiing, AND I am going to be on TV in a few days....  Hilarious, one day after the "screen test" I change my skin tone by about forty shades, from 'white' to 'tomato'...  I hope they have a good make-up person....

P.S.  I've been bad with the photos lately....  I have some good ones but my computer stuff is all in a box somewhere...  no card reader.  Will load some up soon...

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