Thursday, May 29, 2008

Outsource it.

Riding in the hills is not my favourite thing to do.  Nevertheless, I got out and did some hill repeats with James yesterday.  This post will not be about those hill repeats as there is nothing fun or interesting to say about hill repeats.

The more interesting (I hope you agree) aspect is how to get yourself to do these things you don't like doing.  That's tough.  It is infinitely easier to do nothing, or to do what you like to do, than it is to force yourself to do something unpleasant.

How do you summon the will power, not just once, but day after day?  Outsource it.  That's how I like to do it.  Just as the phone company customer service agent is actually an employee of some tele-services company in Bangalore, India, I can say that often my willpower comes from the company of others.

- Would I have ridden hills yesterday if James wasn't there saddling up beside me?  Maybe not.

- Would I get up at 5:15am three days a week if Mischa didn't call me a 'cheater' and if Kevin and Debbie and the rest of our Master's Squad wasn't there noting my absence?  Maybe not.

- Would I do dryland training for skiing two nights a week if the rest of Team DHL and Tony our coach wasn't there?  Maybe not.

- Would I do 32 intervals on the treadmill at I.F. or just settle for 15 if Rob wasn't there beside me.  I might cut it short.

- Would I swim in the ocean when it is 12 degrees without the Caulfeild Bombers Open Water Team?  Maybe, but it's too dangerous.

You might be strong enough internally to do all of these things without the company, camaraderie, and sense of duty that training partners and coaches provide but it would be a LOT harder and a lot less fun.  Besides, these people push you to work harder and get the most out of each session in a way you can't replicate by yourself.

So, it seems like a good time to thank all those folks I just mentioned....  Thanks! and keep up the good work!

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