Friday, May 9, 2008

Tomorrow we race...

Well, I burnt through the week with no posts....  but for good reason.  It has been extremely busy the last few days.

We have been unpacking and settling into our house (though we haven't slept there yet.)  The job is pretty big because we have tonnes of junk to sort through.  I hate moving a lot.  I have dropped a ball or two dealing with this move (if I haven't returned an email or two please forgive me!)

And the other thing that has kept me busy has been the approach of the City Chase.  I think I mentioned that Mark and I were chosen to be one of the teams that does the race with a camera crew in tow...  This week we have done on-camera interviews, shot footage to be spliced in with the race and fielded several long phone calls from producers and directors.  Along with that we have been prepping for the race....  We have special maps printed, we have scouted likely locations and brainstormed routes, challenges, gear lists etc.  We are VERY well prepared (I think).  It is a very different feeling to be going into a race where you have no idea what you will be doing.  Quite a change from skiing and triathlon.  The preparations have us feeling quite ready to rock and do well.... this is good because it would suck to make fools of ourselves on National TV.

Next week it is back to triathlon and 'real' racing....  The North Shore Spring Triathlon with my buddy Justin Levine.

Look for a City Chase race report and some cool photos tomorrow or Sunday.  

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