Thursday, May 15, 2008

North Shore Spring Triathlon

This Monday (Victoria Day), I will be racing in the North Shore Spring Triathlon.  It's a sprint distance tri which should be kind of fun since I haven't done a sprint since my first-ever triathlon 4 years ago.

I am looking forward to the pool swim...  I almost registered for the Cultus Lake Triathlon last weekend where the H2O was so cold they cut the swim in half, then later made it optional.  Thank god it was Mother's Day and I decided I'd better hang with the family!!

I am treating this weekend's race as a workout.  My goal is simply to be able to run hard off the bike.  Also, I will be happy to get some transition practice in before Worlds.

Preparations for World Championships this year have been different for me.  Starting with a winter full of x-c ski racing.  The race falling at the beginning of June has meant that there is less time to prepare (with good weather).  

At this point I feel very good about my running and very good about my swimming.  I have made concerted efforts over the years in both of these disciplines.  I have never attacked my riding with the same intensity.  

I intend to remedy that situation this summer - I have registered for the Seattle to Portland road ride.  The training will force me to spend hours in the saddle, the way Olympic Distance triathlon never has....  It is also a super fun event and should be good to take my cycling to the next level.  For World's this year it will remain my weakness (shhh... don't tell anyone...).

The other awesome part about the race on Monday is that Justin will be doing his first triathlon.  Justin is a below-knee amputee like myself.  Unlike me, he is a young buck in his early 20s.  I met Justin at a talk I gave at GF Strong Rehab Centre about a year ago - he got interested in Triathlon and I have been giving him bits and pieces of advice ever since....  

Justin was the first recipient of a Momentum Foundation grant (before we were even a registered charity).  Myself, along with several friends and associates, all chipped in and the Bike Gallery and Specialized helped with a smokin' deal on a bike.  On Monday Justin will put it all to the test....  I can't wait.  Thanks to everyone who had a part in helping Justin get to the start line of his first triathlon.  You guys are awesome!

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