Sunday, May 4, 2008

Training Update

I am back at the training after two bouts of illness...  the bronchitis is mostly gone - just a little coughing now...

Tomorrow I am skiing.  Yes, it's true - in May - there is still lots of snow in the Callaghan Valley.  Robin McKeever (a National Team coach) has invited me up for some coaching and training.  I am quite excited to be invited (said the Cat in the Hat)...  it is, however, an extremely hectic time with the move today and a baby due in 18 days.  I will be skiing with a phone in my pocket and the car idling...

Training Week

Monday:  Ski AM - R. McKeever @ Callaghan  
Tuesday:  Ski AM - R. McKeever @ Callaghan
Wednesday:  Swim AM, Strength PM - Innovative Fitness, Ride PM
Thursday: Brick - Bike/Run
Friday: Swim AM, IF PM
Saturday:  City Chase (I expect some running but who knows how much...)
Sunday:  Mother's Day - Pamper the wife....

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