Thursday, April 30, 2009

Josh Allen

Tonight, while everyone in the city was watching the Canucks beat Chicago 5-3, I was riding.  It was lucky Jeremy took it easy on me because I was hurting!  

Tonight's ride was TOUGH as my legs were pretty exhausted due to a super interesting* workout with Josh at Innovative Fitness yesterday.  (That's him rockin' the headband before the Victoria Half Marathon.)

We started the session and it was like he was on a mission.  He systematically went through the various exercises that I normally avoid or have trouble with due to my leg and created fixes, or workarounds for all of them.  Don't get me wrong - I am not the "I don't like that exercise" type of whiner, but some things are pretty hard to do with an ankle that doesn't really bend or a leg that doesn't do some of the things that flesh and bone can do.  Josh was in there with wedges, balance assistance and sometimes a simple "try harder" sort of statement.

He studiously worked each leg individually (which is very necessary as an amputee but also very easy to forget about after a while).  He was a real technician and we both learned a lot and figured out how to REALLY work my legs.

It's not to say that the other coaches at Innovative haven't done the same sort of thing, they have, but Josh persevered and wouldn't accept failure.  He brought a fresh approach (it was our first session together) and in the end we made each exercise work.  I got the most effective leg workout I have ever had and it will add a lot to future workouts.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again - that is why Innovative is the best - great people, like Josh, that really think about the person they are working with and what results they need to get from their investment of time and money.

* "super interesting" for me, sorry if it wasn't for you!

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Missy said...

That rocks especially since Josh may not have had that kind of experience with a client before. I'm sure it's not an everyday occurrence, anyway.

Gotta Run said...

So how are the legs today?? I love we you are lead by a person that has true attention to your needs.


Harley Rollins said...

Hey Meyrick

Are you going to do City Chase again this year? I see you've got a pretty full calendar already. It's Aug. 22 in Vancouver


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I guess it had never occured to me that an amputee would have to do exercises differently with each leg, but it makes sense the way you explained it. Great to see you found a trainer who was going to find a way no matter what rather than giving up.