Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day Swim

Canada Day Swimmers (left to right - CLICK TO ENLARGE):  Jill Costantino, Elspeth McGregor, Vincent Lavallee, Kevin Parenteau, Jordan Back, James Greenwood, Karen Birkenhead, Caroline Greenwood, Shannon Back, Mark Shorter, Rob Elliott, Sandy Treagus and behind the camera:  MJ.

What a great swim today!

The last minute invite I sent out a couple days ago actually resulted in 13 swimmers which was pretty awesome...

There is something really cool about breathing left and seeing a few friends, then breathing right and seeing a few more.  The ocean was relatively rough today - with healthy rollers to navigate - but it was nothing we couldn't handle.

We did the usual 2.5km route, which, with today's low tide, might have been more like 2.3 or so.

The best part is that I now have several new open water swim buddies (which was my hidden agenda with this impromptu swim).

Some photos:

Blue Seventy/Ironman dominated the wetsuit count with 6 out of 13...

Vince deserves special mention, not just for his speedy swimming but for his theme haircut.  Can we expect to see a disc wheel on race day next week? 

More prep...

Also deserving of special mention was Elspeth, who took to the Batchelor Bay waters sans wetsuit!!  I didn't know Elspeth prior to today and on her way down to the chilly (ok, cold) water in a one-piece, I thought to myself, "Oh, here we go...  I wonder if she'll make it 200 metres?  I hope nobody has to save her."

Turns out I underestimated Elspeth a tad (click that one) based on her ocean-swim attire...

The route...

Our post-swim destination...  omelettes, pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage, toast, coffee...  hell yes!

Thanks for coming out everyone!  Let's do it again soon!

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Vincent said...

that was a lot of fun. I'll try and make it out sometime again. Thanks for the invite.

Jill Costantino said...

Thanks so much for organizing this MJ it was fun. I still can't believe Elsbeth (sp) did this without a wetsuit..CRAZY Girl! Will you email me your pics please so I can post them on my blog too:)
Thanks again,

Jo Lynn said...

How fun! Happy Canada Day! That guy with the bike shaved on his head? CRAZY, eh? ;)

Jeremy Hopwood said...

Looks fantastic.

will get out for the next one, awesome idea. Based on my day today a lot more swimming is in my future :)

elspeth said...

wetsuits are SO overrated. thanks! It was super fun, and I'll definitely be up for another swim.
ah- please crop me out of the photo!!! I didn't realize I was in it!

James Greenwood said...

Great idea MJ getting a group together for a little Canada day swim.

Caroline and I will be doing a 3 - 4k swim every Sunday at 6:30am at Bachelors bay if you are interested.

Thanks again!