Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tour de France Pool - Results

Alas, the Tour ended today on the Champs-Élysees with another Mark Cavendish win.

Though spectacular, Cav's win was hardly surprising... in fact you could even be forgiven for saying that it was downright predictable.

Fortunately, for those who were playing in the Tour de France Pool, today's race still meant something....

The Comité de Compétition (aka: moi) has invested about 45 minutes in tabulating the results (incidentally, an amount of time exactly equal to the margin by which Cadel Evans was defeated...) The answer key can now be found HERE (with answers in TdF jaune.)

Without further ado - the results:

Kevin Parenteau 9
Chris Cumming 9
'Torbjorn Sindballe' 7
Dave Herder 3
Michelle Valancius 3

You may remember Vince as the winner of the lululemon draw that I held earlier this year... suspicious... I agree. He is also a University student and we've all heard about what they pulled off in vegas...

Regardless, since I have no evidence of cheating, tampering or other bad business I will award Vince with his prize - side bar trophy. I have even customized it to suit the black background of his page:

You should be able to drag this onto your desktop... and load to your side-bar from there.

Congrats Vince! E-mail to follow regarding sushi.

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