Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Canada Day Swim @ Batchelor Bay

OK.  Tomorrow is Canada Day!  To celebrate our nation's birthday there will be an open water swim in Batchelor Bay tomorrow.  Currently we have about 15 confirmed.  Here are the last minute details in case you are interested:

Where:  Batchelor Bay is in beautiful West Vancouver, BC.  Check it out on the map HERE.
When:  July 1st (tomorrow) @ 6:30am.

What:  Open Water swim of between 2 and 3.5km.  There will likely be a "long swim" group and a "short swim" group.

Who:  So far there are about 15 people confirmed - men and women - of varying abilities.

How:  With wetsuit, cap and goggles, crocs for the rocky beach, and a stomach that is ready to accept coffee and breakfast after...

Why:  To mark Canada's 142nd birthday and to justify a big breakfast immediately upon H2O exit.

So there you have it.  Late notice I know... maybe some of you Americans want to drive all night to mark Canada's birthday? We could swim again on July 4th if you come all this way...

It's starting to feel like I am running a swimming blog these days.... my leg really needs to heal up soon!

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Jeremy Hopwood said...

would love to but out at Sasamatt for the VOWSA race.