Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

I've been missing the blog lately.  I have no shortage of things to write about - only a shortage of time at the computer.  But it's for very good reason....  and I'll tell you all about it...

Disclaimer:  This post may end up being pretty lengthy - but I have loaded it with photos to keep you interested.  (Do you guys like the photos? I need visuals or I get bored....)  Also, the layout is optimized for my blogpage - it may look really bad in your reader or in the feedburner feed.  

My bike-centric training continues...  It isn't to the exclusion of everything else but it is where most of my training hours are going at the moment.  Here are some pictures from a few recent rides:

(CLICK to enlarge any pictures!)


Batchelor Bay - I stopped in to see how the bay looks in April.  It looked very calm, perfect for swimming.  Maybe a little chilly though (or a lot).  We usually start up our Open Water Season in May (which is very cold, so bright yellow dish gloves are recommended).

This is the swim route....  The second 'buoy' is a small island or rock which is easier to see in the map below.  The route has everything - a nice, mellow warm up in protected waters (1st third), a challenging, often wavy and current-y middle (2nd third), and a long, progressively easier home stretch.  Add in eagles, seals and a few friends and it is about the best way to enjoy the outdoors.  See you in May!  (I'm serious.  Let me know if you want to come - all (most) abilities welcome.)

Plan view of the swim.  Batchelor Bay is close to Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver.  The ride was great - about 65km - I cut it a bit short to assist a stranded cyclist near my house.  Lent him a tube, changed it for him, used one of my co2 cartridges and then found out the damn thing had a hole in it.  By then I was committed to the project of helping this guy so I went to get my car and drove him home.


This ride was not as much of a workout but was pretty much a blast from start to finish.  Mattias shook off some early season rust and Aia was a trooper on the 'trail-along' as we circumnavigated Stanley Park (10km).  My rental bike's rear tire flatted with about 3km to go - I rode it out which provided a better workout than I had planned.


All told this ride was about 2 hours in length, but it included a photo stop and had a pretty good degree of difficulty.  It included 3 good climbs - the most notable being the climb up to SFU (Simon Fraser University) and the final climb back to Lynn Valley.  

I am working hard to tune in my climbing as it has always been difficult to drag my 185lbs up a mountain.

OK, so those are some rides from Easter weekend....  I also made my return to Masters yesterday (Monday).  I could definitely feel the lay-off but didn't suffer too badly.  Misha took it easy on us with a workout made up of mostly shorter, speed sets.

The weekend was also full of lots of great family time - egg decorating and a fantastic Easter Brunch:

The kids dressed up for Easter Brunch.  Daddy hiding his belly full of bacon post-brunch.

I know carpentry isn't a normal topic for this blog but I did build an enormous (and quite minimally stylish) baby gate this weekend.  It is a veritable Berlin Wall (though that one fell and I don't expect mine to...) - I am quite proud of it.

Hope you had a great Easter....  I never got around to the real reason I have been busy lately.  I'll leave that as a cliffhanger for an upcoming post.  

Thanks for reading!

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Missy said...

Oh, I'll come swim with you - open water practice, I need it;) I need a Berlin while style baby, er, dog gate too. Thanks for the offer!

RunningLaur said...

Great post - your photos are beautiful!

Vincent said...

that swim looks like fun. I normally swim at kits but there aren't really any targets, you just swim around there.

And about the flat. I've had the good fortune of only having 1 flat ever on a training ride (which happened last year). And it was the exact same thing. Went through my CO2, thought I had just done it wrong and leaked everywhere, so used my roommates, messed up again only to realize the tube I was using was faulty. I felt like such a noob

Jo Lynn said...

So many great pictures. Yes, I love pictures on blogs. (Probably why I always have so many.)
Anyway. The ONE THING I decide to comment on? Gotta love a girl that rides her bike wearing a skirt!! Couldn't get me out of a dress when I was a little girl. You go girlie!

Kim Hexter said...

Slow and steady is my swim pace, so if that level of ability is ok, I am totally in to try that route with you guys in May. It looks amazing. I need open water training so giddy up!!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Hey, don't leave us hanging. Spill it!

I do love the pictures, but that water looks cold even from here.

swimbikerunryan said...

Oh man, take the blind guy out for that open water swim...get lost in the ocean...sounds like a fun day:) hehe.. How far ist hat swim?

jan said...

Wonderful read, Meryick! Your family pics are so precious (& the kids are so..oo..oo cute)!

Gotta Run said...

Come on.... tell us!!

Love the post and pictures. Clear some time and tell us... come on.

See your open water swim is a reminder that I MUST start fitting that in. I need more time in the day for sure!

Ulyana said...

Officially the most awesome Easter weekend! And your family rocks!

BreeWee said...

You are amazing! I love how you are so balanced (life, sport, family, love) just incredible... totally inspiring! Your family is just gorgeous and so it that swim spot...