Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three things about lululemon

Let's start with a quiz....

What do this:
and this:
Have in common?

If you answered:  "they are both a$$es" you are wrong!  (Thanks though...)

In fact they are both wearing clothes from lululemon!

Now that my ambassadorship has truly begun at lululemon I thought I'd take a moment to introduce my readers to the company - they are much more than just a clothing store!


Running clinics - led by yours truly...

 In case you haven't heard...  lululemon (Park Royal - West Vancouver) has running clinics on Tuesday evenings (6:45pm) and Saturday mornings (9:30am).  The current clinic is "Learn to Run" and we are preparing a great group of customers and staff for the Eagle Harbour 5km on May 31st.  You can join any session and it is FREE!  Email me for more information:  meyrick (at) meyrickjonesracing (dot) com.

Look for other RUN offerings later in the year! 

Your local lululemon store will likely have something cool going on - check it out the next time you are in there.


I was surfing their website and noticed two new things:

Shop Nude - Yes, now you can buy great lululemon gear online!  We Vancouverites are spoilt by a plethora of lululemon stores, but those of you who don't have one near by are now in luck.  Ladies, buy the quintessential lululemon pant (or any of their other styles) online HERE.  Men, never fear, there are plenty of cool items for you too....

Goaltender - I think lululemon sets itself apart from other brands with the cool community and personal development vibe that is integral to their culture.  Case in point:  the lululemon Goaltender.  I found this tonight on their site - it helps you set goals, track goals, reminds you of goals and more.  It's super stylish too if you are a fan of web design....  Click HERE to have a look.


Mythbuster #1:  "lululemon is for WOMEN ONLY."  Not true!  I wore an all new running outfit tonight at the clinic - shorts, shirt and lightweight jacket - all amazing!  The comfort and performance were really impressive.  These items should be online soon and they are in stores now.

Mythbuster #2:  "lululemon is good for yoga and dancing but not for "real sports".  Not true!  lululemon has an amazing line-up of running gear for men and women.  People who really want to perform are wearing it.  Check out Beth and Eileen - these two lululemon ambassadors (and blog buddies) take no prisoners!

If that isn't convincing enough have another look at my cool new gear:

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Missy said...

I don't have any of their stuff but it looks killer good! Glad you got hooked up with them for this year. Now if I could just get hooked up with them for this year, hahahah;)

Chloe said...

Whohoo! I LOVE my Lululemon hoodie. I think the closest store is in Miami - so I'm pretty pumped about their web site.

Jo Lynn said...

I'm going to shop there just so I can have an ass like hers. WOW! Seriously though, I will definitely check them out. ;)

Gotta Run said...

Very cool line of product. I might have to find some "green" around the house and order me a little something-something :)

Can't wait to here more about the running club. I still remember my first 5k.... July 2003. how time flies!!

Jo Lynn said...

Thanks for letting me know your friend is going to be at Miwok! I for sure will try and shout out to her when she comes through.

prozac said...

That ass is hot, and the clothes aren't too bad, either. Definitely going to check out the store and see if anything catches my eye.

Ulyana said...

Great! Your post came just in time, I've been wondering about lululemon for a while now.