Sunday, April 5, 2009

Camp Wrap

I hope you have all enjoyed this brief holiday from my blog...  when I got home from Florida I found my "plate" quite full.  Sequestering myself in Central Florida and doing nothing but riding (as great as it was) created a big pile of stuff to do upon my return.

It has been great to be back with the family - the kids all seem a little older, especially Viggo who is crawling like crazy now.

OK, so here are my thoughts on the camp now that it is in the rear-view mirror.  

I'll start by sharing my goals for the camp:

1.  I wanted to meet everyone; athletes, coaches etc.  

2.  I wanted to leave a positive impression on the coaches regarding my abilities, attitude, and potential. 

3.  I wanted to log a lot of hours in the saddle and really kick-start my cycling season. 

4.  I wanted to gain a sense of where I stand now, what needs to be done, and how to do it in order to set appropriate goals and achieve them in this sport. 

5.  I wanted to enjoy the experience and come home a better cyclist.  

Looking back at these goals now I feel the trip was a real success.  I came away feeling like each goal was accomplished, and I now have a really good understanding of what I need to do moving forward.  It sometimes seems to me that at this level of sport the training and racing is the easy part - the politics, policies, funding, and access to information is the part that can be confusing or problematic.  I feel lucky to have made great connections at this camp - ones that are willing and able to answer questions and provide the information that I need to be successful.

Besides all of that it was GREAT to be on the bike every day in great weather, flying down quiet country roads

Here are the last few photos from the camp.  Enjoy!

Myself, Jean and Catherine (the nutritionist)

Looking a bit tense for some reason...

Texas-Sized vending machine in Dallas F-W Airport.... Brian and I had to buy something just to try it out.

I gave two haircuts on the last day in Clermont. Brayden's was by far the most fun I have ever had cutting hair. I actually made him sign a waiver...

I definitely could have used a bike fit.... I could barely reach the grips on this hog.

A lot of time was spent on this couch... but I posted this photo to show off my new argyle pearl izumi socks. I know you are jealous.

We had 1 half day of rain on the whole 16-day trip. It cancelled our morning ride and kept us below 1000km for the camp. (950 approx.)

The Coffee Ride... our best and worst ride of the camp. We got an earful from the coaches for riding "erratically" (and that was pre-java.)

Now that I am back and settled you can look forward to the resumption of regular posting.  I am also looking forward to reading your posts as I am WAY behind on my blog reading.  I hope everyone is enjoying the spring and starting to feel some fitness returning!

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Missy said...

I love the jump start to the season. I need to try a camp sometime. Do they have s'mores there?
Great pix!

Vincent said...

Must say, I'm pretty jealous. Easter weekend, here I come

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

It's so great that you were able to meet all of your goals with the trip. Very cool! Looking forward to hearing what's next.