Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Las Vegas

You don't hear a lot of positive stuff about Air Canada these days....  Our national airline is nobody's favourite and many people's most hated.  This could be the first sign of a brighter future:

Yes.  That is the City Chase opening sequence and that is Yours Truly with arms held aloft.  Imagine the looks I got from all around as I rewound and paused (about 10x) and then took a picture of the screen....  pretty cool customer.  But hey, that was my 15 minutes of fame and Air Canada is extending it by at least three or four minutes.

I'm home from the Triathlon Canada meeting in Las Vegas.

After a few days away from the blog I have so many things to write about I don't know where to begin.  I'll ration it out, so you can expect to be hearing from me a lot in the next few days!

Las Vegas

In this case what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas....  it ends up on my blog.  That's because I neither partook in, nor witnessed any risqué shenanigans.  I must be getting old or becoming oblivious to my surroundings.

Total Meetings:  approx. 17 hours.  The meetings were quite interesting - though not nearly enough to go into any detail here.

There is one exception.  Up until now the official name of triathlon for us disabled folk has been AWAD Triathlon (athletes with a disability).  On Saturday I found out that the ITU has renamed it PARATRIATHLON.  

This is an improvement of monumental proportions.  So much so that I used the largest font blogger offers just now....

Furthermore, "AWAD" is to "ParaTri" as Cordazer Calvin Broadus is to Snoop Dogg.  Sorry for the random hip-hop reference but they both rank way up there in the 'good name change' dept.....  I will no longer be an "AWAD", I am now a "Paratriathlete."  I feel like I just got faster too.

Gambling/Dining/Show Watching:  On the night we all headed out together we checked out the Wayne Brady Show.  Improv must be incredibly hard....  I'm sure there are tricks to it (like anything), but the guy has to come out and make #*it up twice a night, EVERY night, in front of thousands.  Seems tough to me...  (By the way, the show is called Wayne Brady Making #*it Up).  I give it a 7 out of 10.  If you've seen every Cirque de Soleil show in Vegas then go see WB. 

We did a little gambling - a lot less than I have done in the past.  In fact so little that it didn't feel like I played at all....  I did come out ahead though....  boo yeah!

Dining - We all ate at Kahunaville in Treasure Island - don't bother.  I think that was a budgetary decision...  The rest of the time it was meeting room food, room service or the café.  I didn't make this a culinary tour of Las Vegas.

OK, enough of this boring trip report...  my next post will be on my AWESOME hike in Zion National Park...  should have it up tomorrow.

Two pics from our 7am run to the rougher end of the strip:

From left:  MJ, Genevieve Pellerin, Stephen Holmes

From left: Stephen, Genevieve, Marc Fournier

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Missy said...

Great trip and I looove Vegas. Oh, and I too, have a friend named MarK Fournier...not the same guy. Mine could stand to use a run with you guys;)

That's a great that you're not aWAD any longer!

Chloe said...

Congrats on your 15 min of fame! That is awesome!

Glad your meeting went well - looking forward to your trail pictures!!

Mike said...

Paratriathlete is so much cooler sounding and sexier than AWAD! It even sounds tougher and meaner than regular old "triathlete". Do you think that's what the Paratroopers were going for? ;)

Ri said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you take some time to celebrate.

Jo Lynn said...

I haven't been to Vegas in so (too) long. I fear shenanigans are in my past also. ;(

PC Ironman said...

YAY!! I no longer have to explain that Im an AWAD and what that stands for.... almost sounds like a slur, like buttwad, jerkwad, dickwad... OK, Im done, but thats awesome news. Oh, and I got in the PC lottery for Kona, you better sign up too