Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 Toes Each

Good News First:

I rode with three recent amputees this morning.  Linda, from GF Strong Rehab Centre, organized a ride and asked/invited me to join the group (which included a wife and a sister as well.) 

I met the guys last week - when I visited the rehab ward.  They are all still in physio three times a week learning how to use their legs.  It was pretty awesome to get out with them (in the rain) and ride.  Some had only ridden once or twice since losing a leg...  maybe on the awesome Specialized bike the Bike Gallery donated last year...

We went 20km - it was a wet, rolling course with not a single car - perfect for our group.

I am pumped to see cycling as a standard part of rehab now and even more pumped to help out.  We had a blast!

The Bad News:

I treated this morning's ride like a test - I was hoping for a miracle.  

I can still ride the bike - but with the slightest hill or speed increase my leg begins to scream at me.  It feels like I am poking a wound (and I am...)  

The doctor's orders the other day were - "you can do anything that doesn't cause pain" because pain is indicative of further damage and irritation.

So, with that I decided to bid adieu to the last shred of hope that I might have a miraculous recovery and be ready to fly and race next week.  In fact the problem area continues to get worse...

Mental Status:

The decision had been pretty much made for a few days in my mind.  I was pretty bummed about it.  Today's ride provided a bit of perspective for me...

I thought back to my first attempts on the bike after losing my leg.  I remembered how happy I was just to be there, spinning the pedals.  The feeling of reclaiming lost territory.  It made it harder to be disappointed about an injury and missing a few 'important' races.

I kept thinking about my new favourite mantra:

Focus on what you CAN DO, and DO IT.

So I turned the page and began looking forward...

More photos:

Linda was my physio back in 1995 - she has worked non-stop with amputees for over 15 years.  She is one of the more incredible people you will meet.  Amazingly dedicated and talented at her job.

My bike, loaded up and needing a wash.  

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alfie said...

That's the right attitude, because positive thoughts bring positive outcomes!!



Missy said...

You have the best attitude, I swear. Whenever I feel like a big pu$$y, I just have to come here to remind myself of what I CAN do! Thanks.

Mike said...

That's so cool! I've got the qualifications to come along for a ride, just need a ticket to Vancouver. :)

Ulyana said...

"Focus on what you CAN DO, and DO IT" - I can really relate to that, had to do a lot of waiting over the last year, so decided to focus on what I could actually do - and here I am, training for a triathlon :). Best decision I've ever made.