Monday, June 29, 2009

Blog Renovation

After 320 posts I decided I needed to update the look and feel of my blog.  

Click HERE to continue reading this on MJR version 2.0.

I'm not sure if very many people actually go to the page - it seems like most of my readers (the few I have :) are subscribers, followers or rss-ers and everyone uses a blog reader these days don't they?

Anyway, just in case there are a few old-schoolers out there, I gave the old girl a fresh coat of paint and a little clean-up.  I have also moved to a three-column format - which was one of the harder computer skillz I've had to develop...  The best part was creating a new logo - which I did over the last few weeks...

With all that hard work behind me, (just kidding - it's not too difficult...), I want to remind everyone of the best ways to make following my blog easy-peasy...

#1.  Become a "Follower" - negative connotation in life, positive connotation in the blogosphere...  at least I hope it's positive because I follow dozens of blogs.  Click through to my page and use the "Followers" widget at the top of the left column.

#2.  Subscribe for e-mail updates - you'll get my blog posts in your email inbox - simple as that. Enter your address in the box at the top of the right column.  Verify, once you get the email from feedburner.

#3.  Subscribe in a reader - if you use google reader (and I recommend that you do...) it is easiest to become a "Follower" - one click and you are subscribed.  If not, enter my address into your reader's subscription box.

If you haven't checked out Twitter yet you might as well have a look at my newly renovated Twitter page.  (... kind of like renovating the cabin at the same time as the city house.)  

Check it out and "follow" me by going HERE

Sorry for the boring post...  I do these every six months or so to help anyone who might be new to blogging or blog reading.  Remember when you used to visit each site individually???  Now THAT was time consuming!!!

Cheers and thanks for reading everyone!

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Missy said...

I'm ollld school!

HEATHER said...

looks great! =)

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Looks good. I like it. I do use a reader, but I still look at people's blogs to see what else they might have on the sidebars.

Rachel said...

I just comment on people's blogs that comment on mine. And sometimes interesting blogs on theirs. Is that bad?

MJ said...

Hey Rachel,

Is that bad? Nope. Hopefully you aren't doing it just because they commented on yours but also because you have been genuinely moved to write something - to add to the discourse.... If you find it interesting, by all means go for it... that's what it's there for.