Friday, June 19, 2009

Sit Rep: 3+4=5

Here's the SitRep (situation report) re (regarding) my f'd-up (you can figure that one out yourself) leg.

I have had a little problem developing within my socket for the last couple of weeks. [Socket = the top part of my prosthetic limb i.e. the part I slide my leg into when attaching it to my body.]

Let's call the problem an inflammation since neither of the doctors I have seen have named it anything else.  [Note:  First bad sign - patient has seen two doctors.]

Though one would have thought inflammation was a fairly obvious and self-explanatory condition, medical types (who speak latin) have created a handy checklist called  the "Five Signs of Inflammation"....  these are, drum roll please:

1. Rubor (redness) √
2. Calor (increased heat) √
3. Tumor (swelling) √
4. Dolor (pain) √
5. Functio laesa (loss of function) √

This problem was diagnosed early by Myself M.D. (pictured above),  the prescription was a heavy dosage of "ignoring it" augmented by a daily therapy resembling praying (though I am not religious.)

Despite these efforts I am experiencing a lot of #3 which in turn has lead to plenty of #4.  The additional problem with #3 is that I my prosthesis was not built to accommodate any at all, which only results in more #4.  

Unfortunately something just isn't adding up because:

3+4 = 5

As annoying and painful as it is, it is the Functio Laesa (#5) that is the most troubling....  I am at a point now where walking is quite painful at times, running completely out of the question, riding less irritating though there is still plenty of discomfort.

Suspecting that Myself M.D. may have missed the mark somewhat, I sought the opinions of two other doctors.

Doctor #1:  Bla, bla, bla, bla - you should probably just rest it.  Maybe don't wear your leg for a week or two.

MJ:  Thanks.  [Thinking:  I need a second opinion.]

Doctor #2:  X-ray requisition, ultrasound requisition, blood test, anti-inflammatory prescription, thorough examination, thoughtful analysis...  Recommends:  RICE, but concedes that I have to wear the leg at times.  Advises that the more I wear it and endure pain the longer this will take to go away.  Training:  Sure - but you will be setting yourself back and will only find more and more loss of function, pain, etc.

For some reason I have felt the need to hide this problem/injury/inflammation until now (not just from all of you, but from almost everyone) - I am not sure why I do that.  

Anyway, for now I am swimming... which ought to be fine preparation for Cycling Nationals in 2 weeks.  

[Sorry for the mega-word post....]

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Jo Lynn said...

Ugh! Nobody is immune, huh? Sorry about your "issue".

Vincent said...

Sorry to hear about that.
I can't imagine how frustrating that must be.

Good luck with a speedy recovery.

Ulyana said...

Well, this blows. Hope your leg feels better in no time.

Myself M.D., haha, take care of yourself :)

matt mccluskey said...

I get "blood blisters" from time to time.

They hurt (#4) and swell (#3) to sometimes there is loss of function. (#5)

But M.D. Matt usually has a quick cure with some needles, tweezers, and Neosporin. (Sorry, I don't wanna gross anyone out too much).

Yes, being an amputee is not fun, but you just deal. (ignore)