Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Open Water Swimming

The photo is from last week - it's the point we use as the first corner of our Batchelor Bay swim course.  The water was pretty rough that day...

Kevin and I swam 3.5 km at Batchelor Bay at 6 this morning.  In the rain, which is kind of nice.  You feel extra connected with the earth.

As mentioned in my last few posts, swimming is what I do when my leg is not cooperating.  I am LOVING the open water this season.  Though I love the West Van Masters there is something about the ocean you just can't duplicate in a pool.

Here is my latest invention:  100 Stroke Drills.

Warm-up - maybe 10 minutes or so... then:
100 strokes hard (just go hard, concentrate on maximum effort to get the heart rate up)
10 strokes long, slow and easy (chill out)
100 strokes hard (this time concentrating on long, smooth, powerful arm technique)
10 strokes long, slow and easy
100 strokes (with all of the above AND nice tight, powerful kick)
10 strokes chillin'
200 strokes (all out with best form possible - will likely break down toward the end but try to keep it)
REPEAT - Do this as many times as you like depending on the intensity and length of your workout.

Warm-down - 10 minutes or so...

The workout portion described above requires between 500 and 850 metres of open water depending on your economy and skill.

Benefit: I find it is too easy to just cruise and lose all focus in the open water.  Next thing you know you are swimming at 75%, staring at eagles and multi-million dollar homes, while your technique goes to $h!t..... With this technique you are 'present' the whole time, dialed-in and working hard.

Anyway, try it some time and let me know how you like it. 

HUGE bald eagle I shot (photographically) at Batchelor Bay from a little boat we rented on Father's Day.

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Chad Aaron Sayban said...

That photo with the bald eagle and the golden background is wonderful.

RunningLaur said...

Those are both wonderful photos. Wishing you some speeding healing with the leg.

Jill Costantino said...

Hope you heal soon!
Lame question but do you see many fish out there or what is the visibility like???
Quick healing:)

MJ said...

The visibility is about 4 or 5 feet. That means you pretty much see nothing but your own hands. It isn't black hole dark though - it is kind of green (or grey if it is cloudy).

If you ever want to join drop me an email:


(and don't worry if you are slower or faster - it's no problem either way.)