Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bromont - Day 1

My journey to Bromont was relatively smooth - of course the flight was delayed, then I got switched to a different flight, meanwhile my bike took a whole different (and way longer) route to Montreal....  but it's hard to complain given that 229 people went down in the Atlantic on Air France last week.

Anyway, after waiting at the airport in Montreal for an hour or two, my bike finally arrived having visited Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal in a single day.

4 Things I have noticed about WestJet:

1.  Your itinerary is just one possible way to get to the destination - it often bears no resemblance to the route or departure times you will experience.
2.  The staff are very nice and therefore it is a bit easier to handle #1.
3.  You HAVE to bring cash or you will starve while the guy beside you eats sandwiches and Pringles.
4.  If you are really nice sometimes you won't be charged for the bike box.  Dust off the flirting skills - make that 50-something WestJet lady at the check-in counter feel special.

So anyway, that should give you some idea of the challenges I faced on the way out here....  no big deal but it was long and I was very HUNGRY.

Today's high was 15°c (59°F)... and it was pouring almost all day.

When I packed for this trip I think I was basically anticipating similar weather to Vancouver - hotter, if anything.  Well, I probably should have done a little research...

Nevertheless we put on our rain gear and booties and hit the road for the first ride of camp.  The plan was to ride out to a 5km loop and do steady efforts around the loop in a two-man team.  Kind of time-trialling without the TT bike.

... and I sucked.  Really quite badly.  I am hoping it was simply the travel, lack of proper food for a day and a half, and some missed sleep but I had NOTHING out there today.  I also had a monster headache and any bump on the road (of which there are many here) aggravated it.

Tomorrow is another day though, and I now have some groceries, a belly full of pasta and some good breakfast food that I am excited to eat.  Hopefully that will make a difference.

One more thing (jumping around a bit here):

Skype - with all the fuss over Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Blogging etc. skype kind of got forgotten (at least by me).

Sacha, the kids and I have been on Skype every night - FREE crystal clear calls with video.  It's awesome!

Skype to land line or mobile phones is also awesome and SUPER CHEAP - I bought a $10 credit before I left and have made many calls - but only used 75 cents so far.  It would have been WAY more if I used my mobile phone.  If you have never tried skype I would highly recommend it - well worth the minimal time and $0 investment it takes to get it up and running.

Here are some pics from my room - so you can see the luxury, we had it pretty good in Florida. I will try to get some shots from the road or track tomorrow if it stops raining...

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Vincent said...

sorry to hear the weather hasn't been very good. Montreal this time of year usually is awesome.

and the rough terrain. Why do you think I love Vancouver so much. Our roads here are like butter in comparison.

That being said, I'm jealous you get to go to La Belle Province

Jo Lynn said...

Too bad you didn't dust off your skills for flirting with the guys. You could have had food. LOL
Flying isn't as glamorous as it used to be, that's for sure.

Missy said...

Hahaha! Yep, sometimes you gotta use what you got to get what you need.

Enjoy your time. Skype is very cool for you with the childrens and all.

Fingers crossed for good weather.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Good luck with the training and try to stay dry!

James Greenwood said...

I have no doubt you will be lighting up the training sessions soon - kick some butt MJ.

Have riding!

Jill Costantino said...

Oh SKYPE must make it a bit easier to be away from the family. Hope the weather clears up for you!

Isabelle Julien said...

thanks for the update MJ!!