Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well, the plans are in place for the next two weeks:

  • BC Cup this weekend - Callaghan Valley (2 races - 1 Sat, 1Sun)
  • Monday - Relocate to the ANCO Motel in Courtenay (sounds charming doesn't it - like a Steel Manufacturing company or something.)
  • Tuesday - Friday: Cross Country Canada Ski Camp - Mt. Washington.  Skate, Classic, Biathlon - all on the menu... it sounds like it will be awesome.
  • Coast Cup next weekend (2 races - 1Sat, 1Sun)
As mentioned in a previous post - 8 out of 9 days on snow....  lots of coaching and lots of racing.  This should be HUGE for my development as a skier and thus I am PUMPED!

Unfortunately, it means I may not be able to update the blog too frequently (as I doubt the Anco will provide wireless internet...).  Never fear, there will be a full report upon my return.

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