Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Team DHL

While I was at Training Camp in Mt. Washington Tony sent me an e-mail with some great news...

DHL will sponsor a Vancouver-based Para-Nordic Race Team.  "Team DHL" -- the first club-based para-nordic race team in Canada -- will be managed and coached by the Nordic Racers Ski Club, a non-profit, volunteer-run club.  DHL's sponsorship will provide training and race support equipment that will help athletes with a physical disability reach their cross-country racing potential.

That's the blurb.... behind the scenes I can tell you that Tony made this happen with his own initiative and hard work.  The sponsorship is in cash and is large...  this type of thing doesn't happen very often - it takes a guy like Tony to make it happen.  Well done Tony!  
I look forward to wearing the DHL colours!

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