Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

We are all back after a restful and extremely enjoyable few days on Hornby Island. Hornby is pretty sleepy this time of year (not to mention stormy and cold....) but we had a great time.

Weekend details:

Browns - Mel, Bert, Finlay (5), and Daisy (newborn)
Jones' - Sacha, Me, Mattias (5) and Aia (3)

Weather - BAD. Stormy. One half decent day out of three.
Fireplace - approx. 36 hours of total burn time!

Exercise - one hour-long run - went hard to try to make up for lack of workouts and excess of food. Felt really good and had fun on empty country roads and trails.
Food - as mentioned - lots and festive (i.e. maybe not so healthy?)

Enjoy the slideshow...

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